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Frequently Asked Questions


What types of home fitness equipmet do you recommend?

All participants are encouraged to always practice at home! Never wait until class to apply fitness fundamentals and ballet technique! For ladies to continue their dance fitness training at home, be sure to have a yoga mat and hand weights ranging from 1-5 pounds.

How are you different from a regular trainer at a gym?

The Ballet After Dark syllabus is gentle yet rigorous. Led by classically trained instructors with backgrounds in pedagogy and kinesiology, clients learn the benefits of developing long and lean muscles that follow the principles of traditional ballet technique. Elements of grace and flexibility are infused into the syllabus assuring that every participant becomes the ballerina they truly wish to be!

Do I have to have dance experience in order to participate in classes/workhops?

No! Absolutely no dance experience required! We move at a fundamental pace so everyone learns together!

Do you offer classes for men? Are your workshops co-ed?

Currently, our workshops are geared towards women wanting to reprocess, rebuild and reclaim themselves using this ballet inspired syllabus. However, men are encouraged to take advantage of private lessons and master classes. A men's workshop will be announced at a later date!


Do I have to purchase ballet slippers, leotards, etc?

It's definitely not a requirement for ladies to purchase ballet attire for class but completely optional! Ladies should wear comfortable, form fitting clothing to class. B.A.D. tee shirts are included in some packages.

Are we allowed to wear waist trainers in class?

Absolutely not! Results are achieved the old fashion way! We work hard and we maintain meal plans! We implement portion control and we remain cognisant of our goals!

Video Courses

How can I sign up for a subscription for your online courses?

It's simple. Choose the course you're interested in pay the minimal subscription fee and you'll have unlimited acces to all videos in the course. If you're interested in the Ballet Fitness course, first become a member then you'll be able to sign up.

Do I need a ballet barre for the ballet fitness course?

No. You don't need a ballet barre. You can use the wall, table, or counter top to help you balance. If you really want to use a barre it can easily be created using pvc piping.

Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

Yes, Ballet After Dark does not hold you to any contracts. You can simply cancel your subscription payments at anytime.


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