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What We Do For Our B.A.D. Women

The fitness philosophy of BalletAfterDark is quite unique. We are more than just a 'get fit quick' program. It is a lifestyle of poise and confidence and an enjoyment of slower paced, gentler physical activity that culminate in achieving optimum health. It has been our experience that when given basic elements of grace and flexibility, women gain a better sense of self allowing them to gracefully liberate themselves from any turmoil that may be a hindrance. Adding the performance element challenges women to step out of their shadows boosting their confidence even more. Based on these observations, this low impact, empowering dance fitness workshop was developed to make fitness fun while making the strict, conservative world of ballet accessible to women of all body types and demographics. The program is challenging for women of all ability levels while also providing the education and motivation for members to change their lives.

Video Courses | Stream Your Favorite Courses

Video Courses | Stream Your Favorite Courses


Start your fitness journey today. Become a member and enjoy access to multiple video courses or stream individual videos based on your fitness needs and goals. Choose from any one of our affordable plans.



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